• Real Estate

    Real Estate

    Kessler Law offers its clients specialized real estate expertise.  We represent clients in the acquisition, financing, leasing, joint venture and sale of commercial, multi-family and residential properties.

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  • Commercial Litigation

    Commercial Litigation

    Kessler Law provides aggressive, focused and result-orientated litigation representation.

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  • Lending and Finance

    Lending and Finance

    Kessler Law represents lenders, investors and borrowers in secured and unsecured loan transactions.

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  • Commercial Leasing

    Commercial Leasing

    We represent clients in lease transactions for office, retail, shopping center, warehouse and industrial property as well triple-net leases, ground leases, rooftop antenna leases and commercial brokerage agreements.

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  • Business Law

    Business Law

    At Kessler Law, our clients are engaged in a variety of business ventures.

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  • Sheriff Sales

    Sheriff Sales

    Kessler Law offers Sheriff Sale bidders specialized expertise in all matters relating to the initial bidding, title matters, writs, ejectments, motions to vacate and defending motions by former owners and tenants to extend lockout periods.

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  • Mortgage and Tax Lien Foreclosures

    Mortgage and Tax Lien Foreclosures

    Kessler Law prosecutes mortgage and tax lien foreclosures on behalf of their clients, representing both lenders, including hard money lenders and holders of tax lien certificates.

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  • Landlord-Tenant


    At Kessler Law we have experience in all areas of landlord-tenant law.  We represent landlords in preparation, negotiation and review of leases and subleases of office, industrial, retail and warehouse space, as well as rooftop antenna leases and commercial brokerage agreements.  We also prepare and review residential leases for property owners and managers.

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  • Community Associations

    Community Associations

    Kessler Law represents condominium associations, cooperatives and homeowner associations.  We counsel numerous community associations in their day-to-day business activities and in various litigation matters.  We also represent developers in the registration process and preparation of public offering statements.

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  • Collection


    Kessler Law takes an aggressive and strategic approach to collection of business debts and rental obligations.  Our firm obtains judgments against debtors and aggressively pursues enforcement of those judgments.

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  • Judgment Enforcement

    Judgment Enforcement

    Kessler Law is experienced in enforcing monetary judgments.  Our clients include judgment holders through general litigation as well as commercial landlords and distressed debt holders.

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