Judgment Enforcement

Kessler Law is experienced in enforcing monetary judgments.  Our clients include judgment holders through general litigation as well as commercial landlords and distressed debt holders.

Our understanding of business and real estate law allow our lawyers to unravel and pierce obstacles set up by debtors to conceal (or transfer) assets. 

We represent clients at all stages of judgment enforcement, including conducting post-judgment discovery and domesticating out-of-state judgments.

We work closely with Sheriffs to enforce judgments.  Methods we use to enforce judgments include the following:

  • Turnover of Funds and Assets: We routinely levy upon funds and assets of debtors and request a turnover order from the court directing the judgment debtor or another party to turn over assets belonging to the debtor, such as funds located in bank accounts or monies due the debtor from an unrelated third-party arising in a separate business transaction.
  • Contempt Orders and Warrants of Arrest: A contempt order or arrest warrant is often necessary against a judgment debtor who disobeys court orders.
  • Levy and Execution Sale: We are experienced in levying on interests held by debtors in limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships.  We are also experienced selling those interests at Sheriff’s execution sales.
  • Sale of Real Estate:  Where debtors own real estate and a judgment cannot be satisfied through the debtor’s personal property, we often seek to satisfy a judgment through the sale of the debtor’s real estate conducted by the county Sheriff.