Community Associations

Kessler Law represents condominium associations, cooperatives and homeowner associations.  We counsel numerous community associations in their day-to-day business activities and in various litigation matters.  We also represent developers in the registration process and preparation of public offering statements.

Kessler Law's community associations practice includes:

  • Handling disputes with individual unit owners or shareholders, including the collection of delinquent assessments.  Our firm is often brought in as special counsel in collection matters.  We understand that collection of maintenance assessments is critical to a successful operation and we work closely with boards, management companies, Constables and Sheriff’s Officers to aggressively pursue enforcement of judgments through bank levies, wage executions, appointment of rent receivers and foreclosure of assessment liens;
  • Serving as counsel at board and annual meetings;
  • Refinancing existing cooperative mortgages;
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts for the management, maintenance, repair and operation of community associations;
  • Interpreting and updating corporate documents (including the master deed, by-laws, house rules and proprietary lease);
  • Answering day-to-day questions and providing legal opinions regarding operational, technical, regulatory and practical issues; and
  • Enforcing covenants and restrictions.