Mortgage and Tax Lien Foreclosures

Kessler Law prosecutes mortgage and tax lien foreclosures on behalf of their clients, representing both lenders, including hard money lenders and holders of tax lien certificates.

Kessler Law will serve initial default notices and file and serve foreclosure complaints and defaults, continuing the foreclosure suit through final judgment and/or Sheriff sale.

Where appropriate, Kessler Law will file a motion to install a Court Ordered Receiver in a property.

Kessler Law will coordinate the auction and sale of a property at Sheriff's sale and thereafter monitor the payment of the balance of the purchase price by a third party bidder.

If a lender takes back the property at Sheriff's sale then Kessler Law can file a writ of possession or ejectment action, as the case may be, if required to vacate the property.

In addition, Kessler Law will address tenancy issues should tenants reside in a property.

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